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Courses High School Online Science

Physics, First Semester (HSC1481B)

In each module of Physics 1, students discover the contributions of scientific geniuses like Galileo, Newton, and Einstein. Through their work, students learn the concepts, theories, and laws that govern the interaction of matter, energy, and forces. From tiny atoms to galaxies with millions of stars, the universal laws of physics are explained through real-world examples. Using laboratory activities, simulations, images, and interactive elements, students follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Major Concepts

  • Create motion maps and explore applications of kinematics in both one dimension and two dimensions.
  • Understand Newton’s laws and explore their applications.
  • Explore properties of circular motion.
  • Describe and explain the concept of work and its relation to energy.
  • Calculate the results of inelastic and elastic collisions and relate those to the impulse momentum theorem.
  • Discover rotational motion theories and calculate angular velocities.
  • Extend the concept of work and energy to rotational dynamics.


It is recommended that students successfully complete both Algebra I and Algebra II prior to enrollment in this course.

Course Syllabus

This computer generated PDF syllabus provides an exact outline of all topics and assignments presented to the student.

North Dakota State Course Codes (MIS03)

Click here to look up the MIS03 code for this course. This is a single semester (0.5 credit) course.

Course Duration and Extension

This course is designed to be completed in a 20 week semester. Students may extend the time for completion to 40 weeks by purchasing one of the following course extensions ...

Computer Requirements for Online Courses

This is an online course. Click here to view minimum computer requirements. Phones, tablets, and other computing devices, while they may work for some NDCDE services, are not supported for submitting assignments, posting discussions, or taking assessments.

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