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English for grade 11 is an American Literature course. The units are organized chronologically according to periods in literary history. As students read foundational works of literature and other historical documents written between 1600 and 1900, they'll review and extend skills in five domains: analyzing literature, analyzing informational text, writing, speaking and listening, and language study, which includes word knowledge and grammar skills. Each unit begins with a lesson that provides historical context for the era and introduces themes that emerged in the literature of that era. Each lesson within the unit provides students with an opportunity to review basic analysis skills before applying those skills to works of literature or historical documents. Lessons focused on more difficult historical documents include activities that help students comprehend the complex ideas in these works. Writing modes addressed in this course include narrative, reflective, persuasive, and analytical modes. Assignments emphasize the use of details, evidence, and reasoning to support ideas; writing lessons include model essays that demonstrate key features of each mode. The speaking and listening lessons covers rhetoric, the peer review or writing workshop process, and performance skills. Vocabulary development instruction is integrated into the literature and informational text lessons. Each unit ends with an authentic assessment that presents students with a real-world scenario requiring the use of some of the skills they learned in the unit.

Required Course Materials - Not Provided by NDCDE

Students are responsible for obtaining their own copy of one of the following required novels for this course. They are readily available through many retail outlets and public or school libraries. Some novels are included within the course in an electronic (PDF) format.
Required Novel

Graduation Requirements: English Language Arts Courses

To see a list of courses that are eligible for meeting the state's 4 required credits of English study, please refer to the page linked here.

Eligibility and Policies for Credit Recovery Courses

  • Credit recovery courses are only intended for students who have taken the course once already and have failed it at your local school or at a school previously attended. Pre-assessments in the credit recovery courses allow the student to pass over exercises that he or she has mastered previously.
  • Credit recovery courses are designed to be completed in 10 weeks and students are given 20 weeks total to finish. Credit recovery courses cannot be extended beyond 20 weeks.

Attention Student Athletes

Only online core courses are approved by the NCAA. Credit recovery courses will not be accepted by the NCAA.

Course Syllabus

This computer generated PDF syllabus provides an exact outline of all topics and assignments presented to the student.

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