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"English Fundamentals: Reading" has been designed to broaden your reading horizons with selections that are interesting, entertaining, and relevant. In this course, you will learn strategies to help you improve your reading comprehension skills - including how to isolate specific details, use context clues, recall facts, cite evidence, make reasoned judgments, and draw conclusions about the selections and the characters, settings, and the themes covered. Practical skills such as reading for information, identifying bias, and evaluating persuasive techniques will also be covered. Additionally, vocabulary development, paragraph writing, and essay writing techniques will be included. Finally, to conclude the course, you will read a novel of your choice and complete an independent reading project based on that novel. Although "English Fundamentals: Reading" does not focus specifically on grammar, spelling, or punctuation, a good understanding of these concepts will help you succeed in this course. Therefore, we recommend that you take "English Fundamentals: Writing" before enrolling in "English Fundamentals: Reading".


"English Fundamentals: Reading" with "English Fundamentals: Writing" meets the ND Language Arts Common Core Standards for Grade 9 English.

Graduation Requirements: English Language Arts Courses

To see a list of courses that are eligible for meeting the state's 4 required credits of English study, please refer to the page linked here.

Course Syllabus

This computer generated PDF syllabus provides an exact outline of all topics and assignments presented to the student.

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